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Today is me and hubby’s 2 year anniversary
Still not over this top! So unique 😍✨_•_•_•_#ootd #fashion #browngirlbloggers #outfit #fashionblogg
Who cares what day or time it is_ If you like it just wear it! And when they ask why say “Because I
Waiting on my Uber like..

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Baby Nursery Complete!

Let’s be honest, I’ve been nesting since the moment I got pregnant but now hubby and I have finally completed our nursery!

For our #baby boy I wanted to use the colors gray, white and yellow in a #contemporary, semi-rustic feel. All furniture is from my favorite home decor website (Also known as Wayfair) We transformed our guest room into a guest room/#nursery by adding a queen Murphy bed to conserve space when not in use.

The #murphybed took the longest to assemble but overall we did it easily with no problems. From

there we also assembled and added my favorite part of the room which is the gliding recliner. I’ll be taking lots of naps with baby in this super comfy chair!

The #crib and changing table are apart of the same collection. I opted to save money and purchase this beautiful contemporary style crib instead of

the high-end Restorarion Hardware crib I had been eyeing for 2 years. Best decision ever! I saved hundreds of dollars and still got the same look I was going for.

Last but not least we added the bookshelf, yellow and gray rug (from, lamp and television. This bookshelf will be soon filled with fun books for baby, daddy and me! Most people wouldn’t put a tv in a nursery but remember, this is still a guest room. The smart television was essential in 2 ways: our guest can remain entertained and our baby can hear soft lullaby sounds that will soothe him to sleep. As he gets older he can watch his favorite learning tv shows.

The finishing touches consisted of pictures from Burlington and Hobby Lobby. The drapes, crib decor and any other decor are from and

We couldn’t be happier with our nursery and are so excited for our baby boy to enter the world in style!

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