Jay's Q & A

Why the blogsite name "Houndstooth & Shiraz"?

"I wanted the name of my blog to reflect what I love most in life: Houndstooth print and Shiraz wine. Houndstooth has always been one of my favorite prints/textiles. It became more popularly known with Coco Chanel's original fashion's and I've fallen in love with it ever since. It simple yet envokes class, elegances and is anything but boring! Shiraz, more commonly and originally known as Syrah, is a type of wine that I fell in love with after just one smell of the glass. It is one of the darkest red wines on the market. Syrah is a wine with a large amount of mouth-drying tannins, and it is known to be full-bodied, which means it feels heavy in your mouth. The wine features flavors such as berries, pepper, tobacco, and even smoked meat. Though it's really dry and is definitely an aquired taste, the flavor is the most unique and has one of the highest level of health-benefiting antioxidants."

How did the nickname "Jay" come about?

"My lovely, unique name has been mispronounced quite often in my lifetime. Grewing up, my bestfriend called me "J" for short. So from there people would hear her call me J and it just became a new thing. Though my closest friends and family call me by my other nickname, "Wanna", it's easier for new people to remember the first letter of my name. I often allow new people to get to know me as "Jay" :)

When did you first know you wanted to be a Fashion Blogger?

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